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David Bowie - The Icon Trend Setter of Direct Cremation

At the beginning of October the BBC ran a documentary that covered the rising costs of funerals.

Many families find themselves having to arrange a family funeral with little experience and, in doing so rely on the expertise of their local Funeral Home.

Back In January 2016 David Bowie arranged for the simplest funeral without family or friends present. He was cremated in secret after telling family that he simply did not wish to have a funeral service. Lia Jane of Peaceful Hearts is happy to encourage families to follow the wishes of their family as the UK begins to see a very sharp rise in simple funerals by way of either a direct cremation of a simple woodland burial.

David wasn’t forgotten, how could we ever forget such an amazing icon – his family celebrated his life at a private venue after his unattended cremation. By separating the actual cremation from the farewell life celebration the family are able to organise a far more personal memorial service, ash scattering or life celebration at their own pace and, at a time that feels right an his life was celebrated

Lia Jane of Peaceful Hearts supports families to say farewell traditionally or in a more modern way that takes away the stress and preserves family funds. Lia delivers bespoke Life Celebrations for any service and, at any location, a beautiful garden, a village hall or luxury hotel.

Lia is also available to ensure your relative is taken into the care of the best Funeral Home local to you. It is important that every family feels supported on all matters relating to the service; Lia is on hand to help comfort you throughout the arrangements.

The service you choose can be as alternative and personal as you wish, a life celebration that will help you heal and move forward. Services can be creative, incredibly loving and comforting even when you decide not to have a traditional funeral service. Every service is uniquely crafted to bring alive family memories in a way that helps to bring comfort to the families.

Lia will meet with the family either face to face or by zoom where there are concerns relating to Covid. Families are able to chat about the deceased’s life, loves and achievements and, are helped to create a beautiful order of service, to include readings, poems, hymns, music, memory trees, photo tributes and more.

On the day of the service Lia will deliver the life celebration on behalf of the family at any location across the East Midlands including crematoria, a burial ground or any other venue of choice. If family or friends would like to either speak or deliver a reading in person, Lia is happy to encourage and support family to pay heir own personal tribute.

If you are anxious about cost or struggling to find funds to hold a traditional funeral service give Lia a call on 07410 854557 to find out how she can assist you to create an amazing farewell service.

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