Funeral Options

Families funeral decision making is changing, lives of the deceased are being celebrated in amazing ways as opposed to being mourned. There is no taking away the sadness however the farewell tribute to a loved family member can help families cope, say goodbye and feel a degree of uplift as wonderful memories are shared.


Alternative Colours                                         

It’s no longer disrespectful to wear an alternative to black. Families often ask guests to wear colours related to celebration of the deceased’s life, such as a sport theme from the person’s favourite team or sport. Families may encourage mourners to wear a specific colour or even suggest a theme rather than the sombre black attire that has been associate to funerals for decades.

Memorial Gifts                                                 

Beautiful but simple memorial gifts may be given to guests and family at funerals as a way to provide comfort and keep the memory of the deceased. This may be something like a memorial book marker or a wildflower silhouette that can be planted in memory.

Alternative Burials                                               

Society is becoming more and more conscious of the environment, our ecological balance and global warming. Eco-burial sites are slowly becoming popular whereby families can have natural burials with biodegradable coffins or shrouds. Many will have a tree planted in their memory which will create beautiful woodland. Some sites scatter wild flower seeds. 


Rather than a traditional hearse you can opt for transport that played a specific part of the deceased life, whether work or hobby based. Some families choose a  horse drawn carriage, a fleet of motorbikes or a particular type of sports car.

Themed Funerals                                            

A themed funeral helps uplift the family and be more about the person’s life rather than focusing on the passing. If they were really into Liverpool FC or a keen Pool Player, the funeral might be LPFC themed or be hosted at the Pool venue frequented. If they were musical then equally music can play a big part in the day.

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