Celebrant Service by Lia

Funerals are intensely emotional; with Lia's help you can personalise your service to celebrate your loved one’s life.’ Working together with Lia your family can create a wonderful Freedom Funeral or Celebration of Life which Lia can deliver to your family and friends on your behalf as a ‘Celebration of Life’.

Lia will help you to achieve a Life Celebration, funeral service, or any other alternative celebration that you and your family want when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one by helping you  to make informed decisions directly with you or through your Funeral Director.

Some families wish to have simpler funerals and to be supported to create the best possible farewell  service albeit in a slightly different way to the traditional funeral that many are used to. It is becoming easier to access a direct cremation service where the ashes of the loved one are returned for the final Freedom or Celebration of Life service, Lia is happy to provide the service you choose through her business Peaceful Hearts at any venue you choose.

There are times where individuals are aware of their own end of life journey and, may wish to be proactive in the arrangements of their own end of life celebration. This is a time where comfort can be drawn by making sure you are able to give direct instruction to ensure your  family and friends feel cherish and loved. Lia works with terminally ill clients during their life to help create their very own a unique send off for when they’re gone. This service is provided sensitively and in confidence which can be an wonderful experience and comfort.

If a traditional service doesn’t feel right you can  work with your Funeral Director or Peaceful Hearts to choose a more fitting celebration tailored to help family and friends remember the deceased.

Timing Your Service

There are occasions when families wish to involve friends and family in readings and tributes which tend to take up significant time so, you can ask to have a double time slot so that your service isn't rushed.

If your service is at a location other than a Crematorium you may well find that the venue are far more relaxed about extending plenty of time for your the celebration of life service. If you opt to host the service at your home or in your garden then you will have even more flexibility.

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